Denver MAMA 2018 Leadership

Zoe Argento, Board Member

Kimberly Bruetsch, Treasurer 2017-2018, Board Member, Finance Committee Co-Chair

Maria-Vittori Carminati, Vice President 2017-2018, Board Member

Gillian Dale, Secretary 2017-2018, Board Member

Cristy DiMaria, Board Member

Rachel Ellis, Board Member

Sara Larrimer, Board Member

Jennifer Madsen,  Board Member, Technology & Communications and Newsletter Committee Co-Chair

Sue O’Brien, Board Member, CAMP Liaison

Laura Pearson, Board Member

J. Ryann Peyton,  Board Member, CAMP Liason

Amy Roepke, President 2017-2018, Board Member, Newsletter and Finance Committee Co-Chair

Angie Schmitz, Board Member, Programs Committee Co-Chair

Greta Suneson, Board Member

Amanda Upson, Board Member, Technology & Communications Committee Co-Chair

Julie Warren, Board Member, Finance Committee

Please contact Amy Roepke if you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity for Denver MAMA.